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UltraShape Power Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Targeted UltraSound

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Ultrashape Power is a non-surgical non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses pulsed focused ultrasound to destroy fat cells and deliver noticeable results within two weeks.

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How does UltraShape Power work?

Using ultrasound energy, UltraShape Power targets and destroys fat cells instantly, so patients can see visible results within two weeks. It applies pulsed and focused ultrasound energy to fat cells mechanically, without heating them and without damaging surrounding tissue. The designated area is treated only once, for complete and uniform treatments. After treatment, the remaining content of the fat cells is transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver where it is then processed via the body’s natural mechanisms. The new UltraShape Power system offers fully customizable treatments that meet the unique needs of each patient and produce visible and fast results.

Patients typically see results in as few as two weeks.

Clinical results show:
  • Average reduction of 3.3 cm (1.3 inches)
  • Up to 6.3 cm (nearly 2.5 inches) after 3 treatments

Are UltraShape Power treatments painful?

Most patients report a comfortable experience, and side effects are extremely rare. UltraShape Power is a no-downtime treatment, so patients can resume normal activities right away.

How many treatments will I need?

Dr. Berg recommends three treatments spaced two weeks apart so that your body has time to clear the fat cells from your system following UltraShape Power treatments.

How long do the results last?

Because fat cells are destroyed and removed through your body's natural processes, you will see a long-lasting effect without the need for maintenance treatments later on. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatment is an important step in keeping the fat cells from coming back.

Who is a good candidate for UltraShape Power?

The UltraShape Power treatment is ideal for helping average to moderately overweight men and women achieve an improved body shape and contour. UltraShape Power offers an effective non-surgical alternative to patients seeking a significant reduction of localized fat deposits without surgery.

Before & After UltraShape Treatment Results

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