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QBrexza for Excessive Sweating

In addition to Botox injections, which were FDA approved for the treatment of hyperhidrosis in 2004, QBREXZA is a new treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). QBREXZA, a prescription topical cloth wipe, was newly FDA approved in June of 2018. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Fanny Berg now offers this treatment for her patients at her Wilmington, DE office. QBREXZA is the third treatment to be cleared by the FDA for treatment of excessive sweating of the armpits. The cloth wipes work by blocking the sweat receptors that trigger the sweat glands to produce sweat. In addition, the topical application is safer for older patients that may be worried about side effects from an oral prescription.

What is Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

Axillary hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive armpit sweating, is a treatable condition that affects more than 7 million people in the United States. It can be embarrassing to discuss with a doctor, so many people who suffer from excessive sweating aren’t aware that there is a suitable treatment option for them. Hyperhidrosis often begins in adolescence and can continue into adulthood. Over half of those suffering from excessive sweating have axillary hyperhidrosis which affects the armpit region. While some may sweat when their bodies need to cool during exercise and some may even sweat when they are nervous, sweating for seemingly no reason can be caused by hyperhidrosis or be a warning sign for another underlying medical condition.

What factors can cause excessive sweating?

There are many factors that can cause excessive sweating including:
  • Genetics
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Side effects of medications
  • Diet
  • Supplements

What can I expect from using QBREXZA?

QBREXZA can be applied using one cloth wipe for both armpits once daily to reduce the amount of underarm sweating that occurs. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after applying QBREXZA to prevent blurry vision if you accidentally touch your eyes. Some redness may occur at the application site. Results can be felt roughly one week after starting QBREXZA and can continue to improve over the course of 4 weeks. Most patients will notice a 50% reduction in the severity of sweating, however, results may vary from patient to patient.

If excessive sweating is caused by an underlying medical condition, it’s very important to seek treatment for that condition. However, if you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, QBBREXA can help. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Berg at her Wilmington, Delaware office for a recommendation regarding treatments for excessive sweating.

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